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The principal problem of the military unit under the command of Colonel M. Makhsudyan is the protection of borders. Day and night the servicemen involved in the duty are in the positions and control the peace of our people through their hard service.

As Colonel Makhsudyan noted, the enemy has become active with the spring, but our security is kept on a due level. There are no deficiencies from our side, just with the spring the visibility has risen for the enemy and the chances to act in the locality have increased.

They constantly provoke us to respond. Of course, we do not respond to every shot, anyway, our shooting is concrete and mighty. Especially if we feel that snipers are acting, we certainly punish. The number of engineer structures grows, and at this moment our positions are being strengthened to ensure the staff security on a higher level. The closer the positions are, the more active are the shots. If we have losses, the response is given without delay: the enemy has to know that we are in our place. Besides, we retaliate at full length of the responsibility zone. As we know, recently a contract soldier has been killed in one of our positions by the shot of adversary sniper. After his death, the enemy wasn’t able at all to move three-four days long and gained certain freedom only at night time. Unfortunately, in order to punish them and show their place sometimes we pay too high cost: the lives of our soldiers serving devotedly to the fatherland. It’s a pity that the Azeri side tries to connect the incidents in their military units with us. For example, some days ago in the same position from which our soldier was shot to death by a sniper, a soldier of Azerbaijan army killed some of his co-servicemen. After the lethal shot to our soldier, they announced that their victims are the consequence of Armenian diversion, and the killing of Armenian observer was just a responding action.

– I can surely assert that their announcement is an absolute lie, and their provocative actions are means of justification, – said the commander. – They don’t understand that such actions irritate our soldiers more. Our contract soldier carried out his combat duty in accordance with demands, he manifested himself excellently during his three years of service, and often he was the one to guide the new contract soldiers with his clever tips, he encouraged and heartened them. With all his actions he can be really classified as an exemplary serviceman, and it is possible to hold demonstrative trainings by his example to show how the combat duty is to be carried out. But unfortunately he is not with us today, and for both the contract and conditioned soldiers his bright image deserves to be imitated. In the conditions of the adversary having become more active, our major problem is to exclude the intrusion of diversion-intelligence groups and not to allow to open fire at peaceful population. All the necessary measures are undertaken, even the impossible is being done to ensure the security of the people. Before every duty-shift I call upon the soldiers – by protecting borders you protect your parents, your relatives. Realize this, and you will carry out your duties more accurately and purposefully. After acknowledging this simple truth it doesn’t any more matter from which region of the republic the soldier in this position has come from: he stands firmly in the positions and clearly carries out his responsibilities.

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