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On February 17th The Veterans’ Union of Armenia celebrated the 125th anniversary of Armenian military commander, military man and military theorist, 1918-1920 Civil War hero Hayk Bezheshkyants – legendary Guay. Veterans of the Great Patriotic War, schoolchildren and teachers of the school after Guay participated in the function. In the solemn session head of Veterans Union’s Council Colonel Simon Yesayan gave a speech. He told about Guay’s battle path. The division headed by Guay was named “Iron” because of the iron discipline and invincibility. Guay’s division had a great contribution in routing Kolchak’s army.

In 1922 Guay was appointed as People’s Commissar of Military Affairs of the Soviet Armenia. In a short period of time he managed to create an Armenian infantry division and a united commanders school of Yerevan.

Hayk Bezheshkyants is the author of “Russian-Armenian Military Dictionary”, monographs “Russian-Japanese War”, “Civil war’s aims and tasks”, “Flanking hits on the civil war’s experience”, “River crossing”. Many provisions of Guay’s theory got their confirmation during the World War II.

Guay was victimized in 1937 and executed by shooting. Subsequently he was rehabilitated.

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