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According to 2011 results the best among the educational regiments the third year running is recognized the artillery regiment under the command of Colonel A.Haroutyunyan. This is an unprecedented success in the national army: after the third time the passing banner of honour will remain in the regiment.

“The guarantees of success are good living conditions and educational-methodological base for the students as well as professional teachers’ staff, – says regiment’s commander Colonel Haroutyunyan. – Before each educational cycle we review the educational program, giving much attention to practical trainings. We organize field campings where all the students get the possibility to shoot from his own issued weapon.

From the regiments we get positive response about our cadres. Besides special subjects we pay attention also to physical, effective and firing trainings”.

Aram Nersisyan

Category: #03 (919) 26.01.2012 – 01.02.2012, National army, News, Spotlight