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#05 (1074) 12.02.2015 – 18.02.2015


In the training regiments trainings started before than in combat regiments – on February 9. Before that, a solemn oath ceremony of previously recruited cadets was held.
In the anti-air defense regiment on the ceremony were present not only the soldiers’ relatives and friends but also head of Aragatsoten region Sargis Sahakyan with his employees, war participants, representatives of intelligentsia, schools.


There was a time when a lot of false information about the army was published, especially on the Internet. Now the number of false information is very much reduced, and that is the result of this transparency. Each year, the commander of Army of Defense invites journalists to military units to the front line and says – write what you see! Journalist in the first place is a citizen of our country, and deserves the moral right to criticize the army only in case of fair and respectful attitude for the army or if he has contributed to the construction of the army. In such cases, we are even grateful if they point to some omissions, but conduct of dirty talk against the army is not just ethical and not worthy of person who loves his homeland.


It was on January 28. In the evening I wanted to have a rest but something was bugging me. I stood up and told the guys that I was going to the position. It is only later they would jokingly say, “You exactly have connections on the other side. Then why did you just go to that position?” Joking aside, but when you are connected with the land, with a vengeance feel danger.


All-Armenian declaration angered Turkey. Press Secretary of the President of Turkey said that the declaration violates all international norms, that it is an obvious manifestation of hostility to Turkey, and the Turkish Foreign Ministry said that the declaration is a flagrant violation of diplomatic etiquette and indecent behavior for the president of our country. Such promiscuity of Turkish authorities is already sufficient to ascertain the feasibility of this Declaration and to note that the document has already served its purpose.


Tandem Russia-Iran is trying to offer a compromise to save the format of regional security, which is the driving force of the idea of the Russian-Iranian military cooperation.
According to various estimates, the current level of Russian-Iranian military cooperation is 3-5bln dollars, but these figures can change for the better after Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoygu’s recent visit to Iran.