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#12 (928) 29.03.2012 – 4.04.2012


On March 27 RA Defense Minister Seyran Ohanyan met the participants of the program “Pages of history and culture” initiated by the Defense Ministry Public Council. 163 specialists of history and culture – scientists, artists, historians from 14 well-known scientific-educational institutions of the republic have taken part in the program “Pages of history and culture”, being realized for already two years and aimed at raising the national consciousness and the sense of duty before the fatherland among the servicemen.


Military units constantly recruit men with rich knowledge, high moral-psychological features and good physical abilities, who consciously devote themselves to the service, who don’t become tired of long exercises, are not fully satisfied with their accomplishments and keep their high level of fighting capacity by continually improving their skills. This refers to the military unit under the command of Colonel V. Grigoryan. According to the results of 2011, the battalion of Lieutenant-Colonel V. Vardanyan has been recognized the best in the military unit and has conquered the challenge banner, and we have witnessed the exercises of its certain subdivisions. In different parts of the training ground and marching square professional trainings were organized: parachute-flight trainings, physical readiness and improvement of combat skills…


The principal problem of the military unit under the command of Colonel M. Makhsudyan is the protection of borders. Day and night the servicemen involved in the duty are in the positions and control the peace of our people through their hard service.
As Colonel Makhsudyan noted, the enemy has become active with the spring, but our security is kept on a due level. There are no deficiencies from our side, just with the spring the visibility has risen for the enemy and the chances to act in the locality have increased.