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THIS IS THE VOICE OF THE WAR...The video, in which during the hottest days of the war, a military man in a field uniform gives orders from the command post with a loud voice, is the head of the military unit’s headquarters, Lieutenant Colonel Artur Hakobyan.

“Hit them, hit them …” the voice of the heroic commander can be heard. The command is to stop the enemy attack, to destroy the militants, which is done in seconds.

This is one of the most memorable episodes of the 44-day war, which is indelibly etched in the memory of all of us.

“Mr. Lieutenant Colonel, I will do it, I will do it,” the soldier’s voice could be heard on the other side of the communication.

And all this in the conditions of the enemy’s targeted shelling. Moreover, the command post operated under the direct fire of “Smerch”.

“Hit it, guys,” his loud voice is heard again.

By the way, at the command post, from where the orders were issued, the film crew of “Armed Media” was also present, thanks to which these moments of heroism and devotion were available to the public …

The lieutenant colonel was rushing to the front line to personally coordinate the defense, personally support his soldiers, personally participate in the heroic battle. He was not the one who remained in the control point, he had to be in the most complicated and difficult part of the military operations. He was a kind of leader, on the verge of death …

Lieutenant Colonel Arthur Hakobyan died heroically on the morning of October 5, while neutralizing the enemy’s subversive groups on the outskirts of his native military unit.

The lieutenant colonel was on the list of the missing for months after the war … Recently his body was handed over to the native land. The knight of the 1st degree “Combat Cross” order of Armenia and Artsakh rests under the tricolor flag of Garni military pantheon.


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