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UNDEFEATED TO THE END...I have not seen the commander of the tank platoon, senior lieutenant Vahe Ghahramanyan, and of course, this is not a portrait. These are five separate stories about the hero, five colors taken from the mosaic of Vahe Ghahramanyan’s image. But those five colors are enough to complete the description of the Armenian officer, to give to our aspirations, to give to our dreams and to remind us of the way we should go.


Levon Ghahramanyan. Vahe’s brother

I was three years older than Vahe, but he used to beat me when we were little and we would resolve our differences with our fists. We were both intolerant, and the fight started with even the slightest disagreement. I still have scars from my childhood on my face. I remember those days with boundless longing. At school, Vahe did better than I did. He was more organized, mature, influential. The rights of the captain in our relations have always been reserved for Vahe, thanks to his intelligence, principles, determination and will. Our parents were busy and spent most of the day outside, often returning home late at night when Vahe and I slept. Our grandmother Armenia kept us in the village of Odzun in Lori, and our freedom caused us to go abroad earlier and brighter and to have our natural features. Vahe was a leader, it became clear at school, he was always at the center, he made decisions, he dictated. He had many friends. I was always amazed at how he could communicate with so many different people. I am the opposite of Vahe. I have few friends, I do not like to be in the spotlight, I am not eloquent. The girls adored Vahe and fell in love. I admired my brother…

At the age of 13 I came to Yerevan to study at the College of Architecture, Vahe stayed in Odzun. Then our family also moved to Yerevan and Vahe became a student of Tigran Mets Military School. It was during those years that the trio of Vahe, Artyom and Sergo were formed. I have never seen such a selfless and devoted company. You can talk about their intimacy for hours. And at the Military University, Vahe started dating him and Harut and Garik. Garik also died in this war, Harut was seriously wounded …

Years of military education made Vahe’s image more complete and pronounced. And his strength, will, intelligence, dignity, organization, discipline became meaningful for the defense of the homeland. I can not put into words Vahe’s devotion to his work. He was the commander of a tank platoon, and you only had to listen to the words the soldiers used to describe their commander. Vahe was visited by all his former soldiers. When he was on vacation, he was at his friends’ house more than we were. No matter how much I describe you, you can not imagine how he spoke. So wise, so beautiful, so right … The girls were “melting”, the boys were watching with respect.

Probably a factor as to why they’re doing so poorly. One day I decided to serve in the Armed Forces. When the war started, we were both in Artsakh. Vahe’s voice on the phone was so calm and firm that I could not imagine the hell my brother was in. Let the eyewitnesses tell how he fought. Now I think that everything was predetermined, and another way out was simply impossible. Vahe should have been a hero … I am infinitely proud to be Vahe’s brother and I should gather all my strength, because it is both an honor and a pride to be Vahe’s brother, but also a huge debt. I have to be able to pay off that debt for the rest of my life.


Harutyun Sirunyan, Commander of a motorized rifle platoon

Vahe and I were classmates at the Vazgen Sargsyan Military University. We became closer as we got to know each other better. Vahe was honest, principled, just. The truth was above all for him. Vahe never went in the direction of the current, no matter how difficult it was, he defended his opinion and was able to take people with him. Vahe had a high intellect that went out even in the details. He lived beautifully …

UNDEFEATED TO THE END...We adored our work, we were proud of our profession. We dreamed together and were not afraid of the most daring goals. Vahe wanted to build a house for his family. In his mind he had that house as a nest of love, happiness, peace …

We were both serving in Artsakh when the war started. We did not miss the opportunity to see each other and we were together that day. Vahe had a girlfriend, we went to Stepanakert to visit his girlfriend. We slept late at night. I set the alarm at 7:30, but we woke up to a projectile. We quickly got dressed and went out. The shells exploded one after the other. People outside were running around in alarm, and a small child, about three years old, was crying alone in the street. My brain is full of many horrible scenes that were remembered from the war, but the image of a child crying alone in the street stands out… We handed him over to one of the shelter runners. I hope the baby is saved.

Vahe and I are constantly calling each other during the war. I am the commander of a motorized rifle platoon, but I led a detachment during hostilities. We were fighting in the direction of Lele Tepe, it was a terrible battle. We liberated three times and lost the point of view of the battalion commander.

… At first I was calm for Vahe, his calmness was passed on to me, but then I realized that he was hiding the truth. Then I learned that he had attacked the enemy so fearlessly and selflessly that they thought he had lost his mind, they said that he had lost his temper.

While liberating the battalion commander’s point of view, we forced the enemy to leave the tanks, retreat and hide. There were about two hundred people. They needed to be destroyed, but I did not know how to fire from a tank. I called Vahe to explain how to operate the tank. He did not say. It was a really dangerous operation, it would definitely be a retaliatory blow, because the enemy was quickly recruited and attacked. Vahe was rejected by me for the first time …

I was injured during the march. The projectile fell on a soldier lying next to me. I just felt the blow, then the heat all over my body. It was blood. One eye could not see at all, the other was half-dark, my face was broken, the tendon of my leg was cut. After undergoing surgery at various hospitals, I was taken to Yerevan. I was the last to talk to Vahe before he died. We exchanged a few words, he said, I can not speak, it is not convenient. The blasts were heard on the phone.

UNDEFEATED TO THE END...… I lost many friends in this war, but in Vahe’s absence an immeasurable abyss opened up, the emptiness of which will never be filled. Vahe fell heroically. He consciously left behind a story of unparalleled heroism. He lived so beautifully, he left more beautifully …


Edgar Avalyan,  Deputy Commander of the Tank Brigade

Vahe Ghahramanyan’s patriotism and courage on the battlefield were not unexpected for me. He was one of those commanders for whom service is not a job, but the most important job in life, to which they are devoted. As much as he loved his homeland, he hated all those who threatened the freedom, honor and sovereignty of the homeland. The more he loved and cared for his own people, the more uncompromising and determined he was towards the enemy. After the heavy fighting in Tonashen, we took Vahe out of the line of fire for a few days to rest, but he always wanted to return to the battlefield. To say that he was not afraid of death would not be true, just that the freedom of the homeland was more precious to him than life. Protecting the lives of friends at all costs was an integral part of his heroism.

Vahe Ghahramanyan was devoted to his work and did his best to be perfect as an officer and as a commander. He did not tolerate any mistakes, he did not look at even the smallest details. Such officers are the backbone of the army, the strength of the army, the honor of the army. They are the children of Armenia, ready to give the most precious thing for the homeland. Their shed blood further sanctified our homeland and multiplied our debt to keep it inviolable. They established a way of life and a path for every Armenian from which we can not deviate.


Ashot Malkhasyan, Battalion commander

Senior Lieutenant Vahe Ghahramanyan fought bravely and selflessly against the enemy in the last Artsakh war. He put everything on the plate of freedom of the Homeland, as befits the high honor and dignity of an Armenian officer. The heroic commander of the tank platoon took part in the offensive operation to liberate the heights in Tonashen and destroyed the enemy tanks and armored personnel carriers with a relentless attack. When the artillery of Vahe Ghahramanyan’s tank failed during the march, he did not retreat, but continued the fight. He drove the tank on the enemy armor, hit it and rolled it into the gorge.

UNDEFEATED TO THE END...Vahe Ghahramanyan was not waiting for a task, but offered to involve himself in various dangerous actions instead of others. He was always ready to take the heaviest blow, saving the lives of his subordinates and comrades-in-arms.

We had to stop the movement of the enemy reserve in Horadiz. Vahe Ghahramanyan destroyed a large number of enemy manpower and armored vehicles during that offensive operation. When the ammunition ran out, he left the battlefield, replenished with ammunition, re-entered the battle and struck again at an enemy tank. Vahe Ghahramanyan was killed by an enemy drone …

The commander of the tank platoon was the same both in the peace service and on the battlefield, with balanced, unwavering dedication, brave, always among the best. He remained undefeated until the end.


Gor Gharibyan, soldier:

The commander of the tank platoon Vahe Ghahramanyan was a friend of his soldiers, you could tell him everything, trust him with every secret, ask for advice, and he would leave everything and live with your worries, your problems, he would be with you until you overcame everything. Vahe was our friend, relative and helper. Such people are unique.

If you looked at Vahe and his soldiers from outside the service, you would not understand who is a soldier and who is a commander, but in the service Vahe’s words were law. They were not afraid of him, they respected and obeyed him unconditionally. Vahe was a demanding commander, he wanted to serve everything is perfect. His soldiers have learned life lessons from Vahe Ghahramanyan that they will never forget and will always be guided by. Including me. Vahe Ghahramanyan has always helped me with his advice, and now that he is no longer with me, I try to imagine what Vahe would say, what solution he would suggest, what advice he would give. I will be demobilized in 50 days, and I will need Vahe’s advice in civil life, he taught me so much, and so high, so human were his standards of virtue, his ideas …

I’m proud that Vahe and I wore the same military uniform. I am proud and committed.


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