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HAPPY BIRTHDAY, HERO OF VANADZOR… We are talking about a brave warrior, Sevak Zurabyan, who stood firm on the border of Artsakh and fought to the death for the sacred land of his homeland. Sevak was born  on April 21, 1998, in Vanadzor. He was brought up in a patriotic spirit since he was a child, because there was a lot of talk about patriotism in the family. The father, Vova Zurabyan, who took part in the Afghan and Artsakh wars, often told his son about the path he had taken. During his years of study at the Teryan School in Vanadzor, his fighting spirit also rose, as military patriotism was at a high level at the school.

It is noteworthy that the demand was higher than the SJ, as the subject of “Preliminary Military Training” was taught by the father. Sevak was already linking his future with military service. And with the desire to study martial arts and serve the homeland, he was accepted to the Sargsyan Military University. During his university years he studied all subjects with great pleasure, and in the process he received a number of diplomas. He especially liked the tactics and fire training courses.

In 2020, Sevak Zurabyan graduated from the university with a bachelor’s degree and leitenant rank and was appointed as a platoon commander. The newly appointed commander served selflessly, but less than a month had passed since the ill-fated war broke out. The commander of the military unit is Lieutenant Colonel D. Avanesyan, and  Deputy Commander Major A. Hayriyan, when talking about Lieutenant Sevak Zurabyan, Hayriyan emphasize that Sevak act professionally during the military actions that began on September 27, 2020. He showed exceptional courage, at the same time “skillfully leading” and being a personal example for his subordinates. On September 27, at the 128th battle position, seeing that the enemy was firing intensively with snipers, ensuring the advance of the army, he personally destroyed dozens of enemy snipers with incredible accuracy, and then inflicted significant losses on the emerging army. Unfortunately, on September 27, while moving with his crew to a new position, he received a fatal gunshot wound to the head from an enemy sniper.

Now the hero is sleeping in the 2nd military pantheon of Vanadzor. On the way to visit his grave, we talk about Sevak’s devotion, feats, dreams and goals. “He grew up before my eyes. He was distinguished by his unique posture, demeanor and upbringing. I taught him history lessons, and he created a new story, heroism. He gave his life for our lives.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, HERO OF VANADZORWe were waiting, we were all waiting with prayer that he would return victorious, but, alas, he did not come, they brought him,” says Sevak’s teacher, S. Shahverdyan.

Hasmik Haroyan is also excited, she presents her friend with great love. “Sevak was an inseparable part of my life … He was the kindest, most patient person for me. Everyone loved him, and he loved everyone. He was very caring, attentive, compassionate and helpful to everyone. As a child, he used to take me to school, and … we were always late. Son did not like to argue, he tried to solve any problem peacefully, he was very restrained, kind and friendly. Seo stood out physically, especially with the strength of his arm. He always told me that he would protect the residents of our building, and I would treat him. He fulfilled his promise, and I will fulfill his message, hoping that he will be satisfied.”

It was difficult for Vova Zurabyan, who lost his son in the war, to return to the educational process, however, the military leader is proud of his son’s heroism, presenting the war events and the post-war situation to his students, he does not forget the hero son in his words. “My son was an exemplary officer, he kept his oath sacredly, not sparing his life, he fought for the homeland, for his comrades-in-arms. I gave my most precious thing to my homeland.”

The school has a shooting range, a Yerkrapah corner, and literature on military science. The corners of fame occupy a special place, where the stories about the heroes of the Great Patriotic War, the Artsakh liberation war and the four-day war are presented. The screenings dedicated to Szak Zurabyan and the other graduate heroes of the school are especially influential. According to the military leader, they infuse the students with patriotism, their desire to create a struggle increases.

… Vova Zurabyan has been recognized as the best military teacher of the republic for many years and has been awarded prizes. And the father was an exemplary soldier for Sevak. The father remembers with a sad smile that when Sesvak received a new military uniform, he hung it next to his uniform and joked that I would give you half of my medals. Sevak’s answer is not late, I will earn medals with my service.

The last time his brother Edgar spoke to Sevak, they only exchanged a few words, Sevak’s voice could hardly be heard in the muffled noise of the hot fight. “We are a little confused now, but tell my mother that I am fine”We will fight to the end, look how we will make their mother cry,” said Sevak hastily.

The eagle’s flight was interrupted … They were shocked at school, but no one had the courage to tell their father.

A great consolation for parents now is the corner dedicated to Sevak, which contains his belongings, the diplomas he earned, and the documents of his meaningful but short journey.

By the decree of the President, Sevak Zurabyan was posthumously awarded the “Combat Service” medal.

On April 21, Lieutenant Sevak Zurabyan k would have turned 23 years old.

Happy birthday, hero from Vanadzor.


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