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The peculiarities of the current conscription which started on November 15th, are mechanisms improvements and increase of possibilities for protestation and violations revelation. About this RA Defense Minister stated in the interview to the State TV. “On the order of the Defense Minister under the aegis of the Public Council a commission is created which examines all the complaints of the citizens, takes appropriate decisions and presents to the corresponding bodies, – told S.Ohanyan. – Besides there is a “hot line” 1-88”.

Defense Minister mentioned that human rights protection issues are “very important” for the MOD leadership and urged all the citizens to address all their solemn questions to the MOD central apparatus, RA AF GS Head, Defense Minister’s Deputies, personally to the Defense Minister.

“I’d like to inform also that all the complaints are in the centre of attention of the RA ombudsman, his military adviser is authorized to enter any time the military registration office and carry out inspection. Each complaint, each violation notice will help us to improve conscription activities”, – told S.Ohanyan.

He added that international organizations, particularly OSCE Yerevan office, with RA MOD assistance also carry out conscription monitoring. “Each citizen’s rights protection is the priority issue of our office”, – told the Defense Minister.

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