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...STARTING OVER, AND WITH A NEW VIGOROn this section of the Sotk-Karvachar road, the movement of the car is gradually slowing down, and at the nearest stop we already have our combat positions, the new combat positions. It is not yet clear which heights will remain under our control, which will be occupied by the Azerbaijani side, however, the vanguard units of our army have been on combat duty in this area for several days now.

“We have taken part in all military operations. The tasks are different today. One of our tasks is to prepare well, to become stronger and stronger. Right now, the personnel is involved in the combat training process, and work is being carried out to strengthen the military bases on the front line,” says the deputy commander of the military unit, Lt Col Samvel Haroyan.

Active engineering works are being carried out in the newly occupied landscapes, new positions, new trenches, everything from the beginning again and with a new vigor …

These are our conscripts. They kept the Omar hills invincible for 45 days. The boys tell what they saw and felt, assuring that the first attempts of the enemy to attack were unsuccessful, they killed all the adversary troops. After several unsuccessful attempts, the enemy did not dare to approach.

“The personnel ocupied the second line. We let the enemy enter the military positions, then our troops, with the support of the battalion’s artillery, took back the position within 40 to 50 minutes,” the battalion commander, Hayk Antanosyan, tells about the impressive and victorious battle.

...STARTING OVER, AND WITH A NEW VIGOR“We have always been in a fighting mood. We did a good tactic that day and completely destroyed the enemy,” Private Karapet Vardanyan continues.

“We did not want to leave the position, but what can we do? We will build here as well and carry out combat duty from here,” adds the other hero of that day, Private Areg Hamazaspyan.

In the very first days of the war, several stories about the heroic deeds of these boys were spread on the Internet. The real heroes of real stories are honest: Omar kept them, they kept Omar. They say that Omar is not just a mountain, you should be able to communicate with Omar, if you understood him, then you have already won, and the Turks will never succeed, they will reach Omar, but Omar will remain unattainable for them …

Thanks to the ingenuity of our conscripts, the quick response and orientation of the officers, they managed to blockade the enemy and destroy them.

“I especially want to mention the professional actions of our command. It is due to the professional tactics they used and the knowledge of organizing the battle that the enemy did not try to approach our positions anymore,” said Private Gevorg Tsaturyan.

… There will be many stories a lot about our troops, but many, many pieces will remain in the souls of the soldiers and officers forever, because sometimes the memories of the war are so sensitive …

The war changed everything, the war hurt, it hurt a lot, but the war also taught how to live, the war taught you should be so strong that the enemy would never dare to attack.


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