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THE MODERN PEERS OF MYTHICAL AYTSEMNIKAnother battle group of Armenian women is rushing to the Artsakh front line. The victory indeed has no alternative, when three generations stand in the trench protecting the Armenian lands, when besides men, women also defend our homeland with weapons in their hands. This war requires national consolidation and overexertion of forces…

And it remains for us to fight together and on all fronts for one supreme goal, for victory and peace. The girls who go to war in military uniforms and weapons are not in the military or have military experience, but at a crucial time for the homeland, they took up arms and are going to go to the front.

“Doing various works in the rear, we realized that with our physical presence we can be more useful in Artsakh. We applied to the Ministry of Defense, asking to be involved in battles after training. There is no lack of willpower, but there is a need to achieve and master the military. Therefore, before leaving for the front line, we train physically, go through military training, acquire military knowledge and skills,” says Nare Khlghatyan, the commander of the newly formed women’s platoon.

Our heroines are also taking first aid lessons. They, as representatives of the “white” army, will go to the front and will be the first to help the wounded soldiers. The girls assure that the combat tasks of the commanders will be unconditionally fulfilled and each of them in her position will support the victory of the Armenian army …

“I have always been interested in the military, and when this opportunity arose due to the situation, I volunteered without a second’s hesitation,” Tanya Demirchyan joins our conversation.

“We will try to help with everything, even with first aid,” Ilona Hayrapetyan continues.

THE MODERN PEERS OF MYTHICAL AYTSEMNIKIlona, ​​together with her brother and all the boys on the front lines, decided to go to the front with the aim of building our victory.

“My younger brother is a participant of the April war, and my older brother, as soon as he received the news of the war, came from Moscow and left for Artsakh. He is currently at the forefront. I have discussed everything and realized that I too can fight against the enemy,” says Ilona decisively.

Today the patriotic war takes both the mother who lost her son and the mother of the future soldier to the battlefield. Lusine’s children are still small, but she decided to go to the front. The surprise and admiration were mixed when I heard from the mother of two children.

“I came voluntarily, leaving my two children at home. By going I will give them strength in the future, because today I am opening the way for my boys…

… The ranks of women enlisting in the defense of the homeland are increasing day by day. And this unwavering devotion and inseparable unity is our formula for winning the patriotic war.


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