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TOGETHER BOTH AT THE REAR AND THE FRONTLINE We are in Verin Dvin, where the largest Assyrian community in Armenia is concentrated. Assyrian children sell persimmons and tangerines in front of the municipality.

“The children had collected money, they intended to transfer it to the Hayastan All-Armenian Fund, but then they decided to “put that money to work”, receive income and only transfer all the proceeds to the fund. With the support of the elders, they bought 1.5 tons of fruit at a retail price and sold it in three days. Residents of nearby communities also shopped and supported the children’s initiative,” says Father Nikadim Yukhanayev, the community’s pastor.

This is not the first aid of the Assyrian community. Six trucks loaded with food, medicine and sweets have already been sent to the front line. Both trucks full of food and clothes were sent to Arzni, where children and women displaced from Artsakh took refuge.

TOGETHER BOTH AT THE REAR AND THE FRONTLINE “Supporting Armenia are also the Assyrians living abroad, who raise money and make transfers. The Assyrians, from the youngest to the oldest, stand by the Armenian people both on the front lines and in the rear. This is our common struggle,” says Father Nikadim. “Our boys serve with dedication and willingness.” We have also seen and heard how the national minorities living in Azerbaijan serve, how they go to war unintentionally, compulsorily … Meanwhile, the children of the national minorities living in Armenia do not have that psychology. they are ready to keep the land, which has become dear and dear to the homeland, even at the cost of life …

On September 27, as soon as I received the news about the war, I hurried to the office, the Assyrian boys had already gathered in front of the village hall, did not wait for a notice to come or not, hurried to volunteer to go to the frontline. They stood up like a human being. We consider ourselves full-fledged citizens of the Republic of Armenia and we are always by the side of the Armenian people, both in peaceful and in difficult and fateful moments,” says the head of the community, Assyrian Lyudmila Petrova. We have never noticed any discrimination, any pressure, we feel at home here, and we must protect our home. Many Assyrians are currently facing the enemy. We know how severe the loss of the homeland is and we will do our best to keep Armenia strong. Together we will continue our fight against a common enemy.

We know well the monstrous nature of the enemy, the same insidious enemy who has no sanctity.




TOGETHER BOTH AT THE REAR AND THE FRONTLINE We also visit the family of Torgom Sayadyan, who was killed while repelling the Turkish-Azerbaijani aggression.

“My son always said, ‘Dear grandfather, it is a matter of honor and dignity, we must serve so that you always keep your head high,'” says Torgom, mixing pride and pain. “My two sons came from Russia to serve here …”

“We were born and raised in this land, but then we moved to Russia, my brother and I decided to pay our debt to the land we kept. There was an Assyrian and a Yezidi next to us … We had come, we were fighting, we gave our lives …, says Torgom’s brother, Arthur.



TOGETHER BOTH AT THE REAR AND THE FRONTLINE Assyrian Khlapel Benjamin ANB sat. (Assyrian National Broadcasting) journalist, arrived in Armenia from Iraq to cover the participation of Assyrians in the war.

“Assyrians from all over the world are watching the unfolding events with all their attention, alarm and anxiety. It is noticeable with what devotion and determination, with what selflessness the Assyrians stand by the Armenian brothers. There are many similarities in the destiny of our two ancient peoples. Like Armenians, we have lost our homeland, been subjected to genocide for the Christian faith, and, like Armenians, have spread around the world. I note with great sorrow that we, the Assyrians, have lost our homeland in the course of the centuries, and now we are watching with all our hearts how the Armenians are struggling to preserve their right to live in peace, the cradle of their TOGETHER BOTH AT THE REAR AND THE FRONTLINE ancestors. We pray and are ready to make every effort to establish peace in Armenia. Naturally, both as a journalist and as a child of a nation that has suffered the pain of statelessness, I must stand for justice, in this case, for the Armenian people, and call on the international community not to allow another genocide to be repeated. This is a challenge to the whole Christian world… I defend the interests of the Armenian people, and thus of my people.

“Indeed, the Assyrians have a lot in common with the Armenians – a glorious history, ancient culture, tradition, honor,” Asatur Badalyan joins the conversation. Asatur is a participant in the Four Day War. “Our young Assyrians go to the border with honor, without hesitation for a second.”

“Armenia is the homeland of all of us, we are ready to join our comrades-in-arms if necessary,” adds Vasily Tamrazov. “I have served on the front lines.”




The boxes full of fruit in front of the municipality are already sold out. The young people arrange the sleeping bags bought with the money raised for the soldiers standing at the border. Assyrian children write warm wishes-letters to the defenders of the homeland.

“We want you to return home victorously, shlama al kyula brita …”

I do not understand Assyrian, but it is definitely a wish for peace.




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