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ARMENIAN BUILDER TO THE ARMYOn the second Sunday of August (this time on August 9), we celebrate the Constuctor’s Day in Armenia. The holiday is to celebrate the great respect and reverence of our people for the Armenian constructors and their work. We cordially congratulate all our constructors involved in army building on the occasion of the holiday.


Ludvig Ghazaryan walks with us on the construction site of the military unit, presents the work being done, speaks with special enthusiasm about the conditions to be created for the soldiers.

“We often start from the ground up and carry out the construction of the military unit from the roof. We are carrying out capital repairs in this building of the military unit. We create conditions for our soldier to feel at home here: heating system, wonderful bathrooms with shower cabins, canteens with all amenities … It is a great pleasure to think that we work for the defenders of our country. Soldiers are my children, my grandchildren. Today, I say with all responsibility. There are so many dishes on our soldier’s table that it was impossible to even imagine at first. ”

Ludwig accompanies us to the newly built shower cabins on the barracks floors. “We have already started, we will continue with this principle, we will build baths in each floor of all military units. From now on, after physical training, our soldiers will have the opportunity to take a shower on their floor. It is a great honor for me to work on the construction of military structures. I am proud to be able to use all my years of experience and knowledge in this work. I assure you that everything is done with the highest quality. I am sure that our soldiers, the relevant bodies of the Ministry of Defense, and the parents who visit their military sons will be satisfied with the results of our work.”

We are in the kitchen of the canteen of the military unit, which was put into operation months ago. Chef Artak Gharibyan is busy preparing the dishes of the day. He notes with satisfaction. “Wonderful conditions are created for the operation of the canteen, the work of the cook, the preparation of a rich menu for the soldier. Talking to our colleagues in different military units, we are happy with today’s ideal working conditions. As a parent, cook, person, I am very grateful to all the institutions that have planned, organized and implemented these reforms.”

We are in another military unit of the Armed Forces, where the construction of steel arch canopies is underway these days.

Engineer Arayik Karapetyan presents the novelty. The advantage of these structures is that they are very light, fast, and multifunctional,” says Arayik, adding, “We work with great responsibility, enthusiasm and love.” We are glad to participate in the work aimed at strengthening our army.”

Deputy Director of “IPLAN construction company Arsen Hakobyan, in his turn, says. “Metal sheets that we make with the help of a machine have a number of advantages. They are light, durable and strong, withstand strong winds, the heaviest snow cover.”





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