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On October 24-28 at shooting ground «Alagyaz» of the 102nd Russian military base in Armenia joint Armenian-Russian tactical exercises with military firing were conducted. Exercises theme was: to organize defense in close contact conditions with the enemy, to conduct defensive action, counterattack and occupy a favourable position.

From each side one motorized infantry battalion with reinforcement means – howitzer artillery battery, field engineers, mortar platoons and radiation-chemical defense, special detachment took part in the exercises.

RA Armed Forces were represented with motorized infantry battalion of separate motorized infantry regiment, SWAT company and army aviation. Almost 300 servicemen, 50 units of armaments and military equipment and 2 helicopters Ми-8 were involved in. From the Russian side 500 servicemen and almost 200 units of armaments and military equipment were involved in.

From commander’s point of observation Commander of the United grouping Lieutenant General Michael Grigoryan and Deputy Commander of the Russian Federation AF South Military District Lieutenant General Igor Tourchenin watched the exercises.

According to the exercises scenario, the border guards discovered enemy’s big forces up to motorized infantry brigade who were ready for intrusion into our territory. To prevent their advancement on alert were raised two motorized infantry battalions – Armenian and Russian. They managed to draw the enemy into trap and exterminate it.

During the exercises the RA AF and 102nd Russian military base sub-units equipped with infantry military machines БПМ-2, Т-72Б tanks and strengthened with artillery and total internal reflection (TIR) facilities, worked out an interaction in conducting defense fight in difficult conditions of mountain terrain, fulfilled tasks of all-sided security.

According to the military specialists, who observed the exercises, the Armenian-Russian Grouping is definitely able to fulfill the suggested tasks. Lieutenant Generals Grigoryan and Tourchenin were also satisfied with the exercises. They congratulated the participants of the exercises with their successful conduct and rewarded the most distinguished servicemen.

Arsen Aghekyan
Photo: Hovanes Armenakyan

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