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AT THE ‘PUNITIVE’ BASEWe are in an outpost of the north-eastern section of the border. We are going to a combat base to see the conditions of the service of our contractors on the spot. On the way with the Deputy Commander of the military unit, Maj A. Hakobyan, we talk about the work done on the front line, the border situation, the level of training of the personnel, other topics related to the combat duty. He assures that the main task of the military unit on combat duty is to improve the training and professional skills of the personnel. Any action is aimed at ensuring that goal, from cleaning weapons to conducting military exercises. In parallel with the increase in combat readiness, the organization of a safe and secure service of each combat unit is also underway.

After a while, we move through a hole-road, which makes it completely safe for our guards to move in the areas visible to the enemy. The process of improving the engineering equipment of the front line is continuous. As needed, large-scale work is being done. The goal is to make the conditions of service of the soldier on combat duty safer and more secure. These works include various measures: construction of protective walls, additional communication channels, hiding places, etc. New bases are being set up, especially considering the specifics of combat tasks in the area, the possibility and effectiveness of the use of different weapons.

We are in such a base. It was recently put into operation. The place was not chosen by chance. The intelligence, engineering, and other services conducted a proper investigation and decided on the expediency of establishing a new position in the area. A few years ago, the enemy carried out a subversive operation in that area that resulted in painful losses.

The new position has created new opportunities. It is in the highlands and has a dominant position to fight more effectively. From the most favorable position, there are several positions of the enemy in our field of vision. Duty personnel are in full control of roads, infrastructure and possible areas of attack. If necessary, it can help our other bases. That direction was not uncontrollable; a little further back is the old position. It’s just that now our ability to monitor and control has increased significantly. The chances of hitting from guns have also increased. In practice, the enemy can no longer take serious action in this area, otherwise it will be severely punished. That is why the military unit calls this base “punitive”.

By the order of the senior of the position, the personnel performs the actions envisaged by the educational “Alarm” signal, passes to the round-the-clock defense. Everyone knows exactly what to do, works well and clearly. Once again, the locations and directions of the fire are being clarified. The staff is instructed on the necessary measures to comply with safety rules. Maj Hakobyan is behind all the actions. He gives additional instructions and discusses various service issues with the staff.



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