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Avetik Isahakian – I see the Araratian country, the Armenian people are strong, bright, powerful: they create, fights, live…

From the deserts, like locusts, they roam like raging horses, with savage noises, riots, devastation, blood, fire, they destroy, they slaughter. Arabia, massacres, burning of Nakhichevan princes. Mongols. Gengiz Khan, Alparslan, Ismail, Tamerlan. Shah Abbas, Aga Mahmad…

… I see Hamid, Taliat, Enver, Wilhelm, Goltz Pasha, Horgeg, massacres, massacres, desert, Der-Zor եմ I want to fall into the space abyss …

We are at an altitude of 2000 meters above the sea level.

From the notebook: Our car is running on Aparan Highway. On one side is Aragats, on the other is Tsaghkunyats mountain range. Flowers in meadows, rainbows… I got out of the car. I saw the dazzling green duplicated in the mirror of the transparent air of Aparan; I heard the sigh of the wind of Bash-Aparan. The famous Battle of Bash-Aparan took place here. Here the Armenians defeated the Turkish regular army. The Turkish army was defeated, but the Turks did not lose.

The Armenians have won, they have only been saved, they have been saved. From whom, from the Turks, from the Ottomans, from the Ottoman Empire, isn’t it about the Middle Ages?

Stefan Zweig – On February 5, 1451 Mahmud was unanimously recognized as the ruler of the Ottoman Empire. He orders his younger brother to be strangled in the bathroom in order to eliminate the possible competitors from his blood. His first blow will be against the last jewel of the Imperial Throne of Constantine Justinian in the city of Byzantium.

– Help, Europe.

Can the Pope remain indifferent when St. Sophia, the most sacred temple in the West, is in danger of becoming a mosque of unbelievers? Doesn’t Europe understand that, despite the hundreds of vicious passions that have been defamed and discredited in the conflict, the Greeks are not a threat to the Western culture? But the sad reality is becoming known. The Christian world has forgotten Byzantium. The besieged have been abandoned, they are doomed to destruction …

BASH - APARAN BELLSFrom history – the success of the possible invasion of the Caucasus Front in the winter of 1917 threatened to bring physical death to the Armenian people, to destroy the achievements of the Russian Revolution in the Caucasus, to make the Caucasus the key to the implementation of Pan-Turkic programs. That was the plan of the Turks. The Armenian people went to an invincible people’s war against the Turks. In Sardarapat, Bash-Aparan, and Gharakilisa, the stubborn resistance of the Armenians bled the regular Turkish army, which was defeated and thrown back in the Sardarapat plain.

The Battle of Bash-Aparan… One of the most amazing pages of the People’s War. Recruitment is coming soon. They were the people of Aparan living in Yerevan. They were led here by Arsen Ter-Petrosyan, the patritic son Raffi’s Khent. It seems to be a legend. Endless legend: slingshots against the Turkish artillery, the Aparan militia and those whose names are remembered by many: Matevos Hovhannisyan, Sedrak Jalalyan, Dro Kanaya, and those whose names will still be remembered by many.

From the notebook – Sardarapat became the symbol of the salvation of our Eastern part, the guardian force of our cradle, the proof of our will and ability. Sardarapat took place before the bloodless face and cold eyes of Europe. The people fought to the death, pushed forward their good and bad, their impossible and their possible, and SARDARAPAT did not become the second KERKAPORT, not only for the whole Caucasus. PANTURKISM FAILURE took place in Sardarapat, Bash-Aparan and Gharakilisa.


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