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FROM OUR HEROIC PAST ...There are numerous heroic episodes in the Artsakh war. There are numerous examples of bravery of our soldiers, who, not sparing their own lives, inched the historic victory. The heroic destinies are innumerable, and each of them is an opportunity to once again appreciate our victory, to remember our heroes and to repeat again and again the price paid for the liberation of our homeland. Here is the story of the 18-year-old soldier, Gevorg Ghazaryan, who sacrificed his young life in the Artsakh war.


One night, before George was born, his mother, Lyudmila, had a dream. On the way to church she was stopped by a saint. “What are you going to name your child?” Lyudmila replied, “If a girl is born, Gayane.” The saint interrupted the woman and said: “A son will be born. You will name him Gevorg after St. Gvorg.” On May 20, 1975, a gorgeous, blond, beautiful blue-eyed baby Gevorg was born.

The boy’s favorite gifts from a young age were toy soldiers and weapons. He was lining up on the floor, and “combat operations” were beginning. The victory, of course, always belonged to the Armenian army. With sincere childhood joy, he ran to his parents. “We won again!”

FROM OUR HEROIC PAST ...Gevorg was one of the best students at the Leonid Yengibaryan Boxing School, a promising boxer. He was also involved in jewelry. From the ninth grade onwards, he devoted himself to the idea of ​​the Artsakh movement. The honest and truthful boy had secrets from his parents. He joined the Tigran the Great military detachment. After the death of her son, the mother discovered his diaries full of freedom-loving slogans and patriotic and liberating calls for leaflets. Mrs. Lyudmila’s uncle was a commander in the Kerch battles. All of the boy’s father’s relatives were from Artsakh. Gevorg knew the history of his nation deeply. The fire of justice was burning in his young soul.

The soldiers take turns to be interviewed. Gevorg Ghazaryan, a cadet of the 1st platoon of the training center, answered all the questions excellently. Two days later, he took part in the first battle of his life, a real combat operation that was far from his childhood “fights”. This was followed by several more serious combat operations. Every day the Azeris launched several unsuccessful attacks. Seeing that it is impossible to get ahead of the Cobra Defense Line, the enemy, suffering many losses, abandons that direction. An order is issued to remove the regiment from Lachin’s defensive zone to give it some rest. On the morning of December 15, 1993, the arrangement of the regiment transfer began. nnel.

He leaves for the front line again on January 2, 1994. This is one of the hardest periods of Mrs. Lyudmila’s life. She takes a deep breath before she continues her story. “It’s been 26 years since I’ve lost my son. But after so many years, I am still waiting for him. It seems to me that I will run in any time.”

FROM OUR HEROIC PAST ...It was December 31, 1993. For the first time, the Special Regiment celebrates the New Year with great pomp in the military unit. They brought a big and luxurious fir tree from Ijian forest and decorated it. Something unseen, unheard of for those years. Many members of the military’s family and children were present at the New Year’s party. They dance and walk around the Christmas tree. The celebration lasted until 2 a.m. But as soon as they went to bed, they received an order to raise the regiment with alarm and to move it to the Kelbajar region. In the afternoon, most of the personnel of the Special Regiment was ready. Helicopters landed in Chaplin, Kelbajar. The soldiers fight their way to Yanshak from Chaplin. It was necessary to move forward and climb Omar, to take back the important bases occupied by the Azeris. They were fighting in heavy snow and freezing cold…

The direction of the central attack was on the 3rd rifle battalion of the regiment, where Georg Ghazaryan was serving. They could detect almost all the movements of the enemy from their position. That’s why the enemy directed all its attacks in the direction of the 3rd Battalion. Because Gevorg was agile, physically fit, and experienced in combat, the battalion command entrusted him with the most difficult tasks in difficult times.

FROM OUR HEROIC PAST ...It was a tragic morning on January 19, 1994. A powerful artillery shelling was fired at our positions. Battalion Commander Ashot Martirosyan urges the wounded soldiers to leave the front line and retreat. But the soldiers wanted to stay with their friends. The battalion repulsed the attack at great cost, inflicting several casualties. The Azeris focused all their efforts on capturing the main road leading to the 2nd Battalion. The hill on which Gevorg’s  position was located was constantly bombarded.

The defending of the height 2475.0 was on Vladimir Globa. Sergeant Soghomonyan’s detachment, where Gevorg Ghazaryan servedwas under the command of Vladimir Verdyan. The heaviest part of the position defense was on this detachment. Shellings followed each other. The enemy began to attack in all three directions. There were many victims and severely wounded. The brave soldier and his commander were also killed by the fragments of grenades.



Photo from George Ghazaryan’s family album

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