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ENHANCING EXPERIENCE AND KNOWLEDGEAccording to the Armenian Armed Forces’ Training Plan, during the summer and winter training periods, the units regularly participate in camp trainings, field training centers or in the relevant areas of the shooting range of military units. In the conditions close to the combat situation, the level of field training of the personnel is increased, the moral and military characteristics of the servicemen are strengthened, the awareness of the military duty is realized.

Recently, the artillery units of the military unit conducting combat duty on the north-eastern border of the country also held such a camp gathering. On the appointed day, after the “Training Alarm” signal, the personnel left the place of permanent deployment with the whole staff, marched to the defined region with the attached military equipment. The camp settlement was quickly vacated on the spot with the necessary infrastructure: a living area, training points, a collection station, a field kitchen, etc. The daily routine was organized according to the daily schedule, with an emphasis on practical exercises.

ENHANCING EXPERIENCE AND KNOWLEDGEDuring the first week of the exercise, professional training of artillery units was conducted, as well as the coordination of artillery platoon and batteries. According to the officials, the goal was to improve the cooperation of the units in the field. At the same time, theoretical and practical training develops the skills not only of the personnel of the subordinate subdivisions, but also of the commanders of different units in combat and fire control.

Of course, all this was preceded by large-scale work in the military unit. There are different types of artillery in the military unit, which can destroy enemy artillery, manpower and equipment at different distances. During the training phase, various theoretical and practical professional trainings were conducted with the service personnel, the effectiveness of which was aimed at testing the field exercise.

ENHANCING EXPERIENCE AND KNOWLEDGEIt is known that artillery is a weapon used in cooperation with various units, and it is necessary to constantly improve the professional knowledge and practical skills of each member of the unit, and to develop harmony with non-artillery units. The training base at the camp site provided an opportunity for both soldiers and officers to improve their firefighting skills.




ENHANCING EXPERIENCE AND KNOWLEDGEAt one of the training points, the crew received an order to bring the equipment to combat condition. The training was conducted by Sen Lt Avetik Mkrtchyan. Seconds later, the unit reported as ready. The first fire is made by the main cannon, the target is checked. Then, after receiving the results, the calculated data is corrected and transferred to the unit again. Seconds later, the batteries send a burst of fire at the target. And immediately from the observation point new data are obtained, and the staff goes to the next task.

ENHANCING EXPERIENCE AND KNOWLEDGEThe results of the artillery units will be summed up during the military exercises. However, it is already clear that such gatherings are the best way to increase the professional knowledge of artillerymen, to develop their own skills and self-improvement. During the practical training, not only the theoretical knowledge gained by the staff during the training phase is strengthened, but also the strengths and weaknesses of each soldier, as well as the ways to eliminate the existing shortcomings and omissions. In fact, after summarizing the results of this camp, the work of the artillery units in the next training phase will be planned.




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