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COOMAND EXERCISESThe war game plan is on the table.

In the tent camp — the combat command center — the officers, with the help of topographical and tactical orientations, adjust the possible actions of the hypothetical enemy, make decisions and report to the superior command.

“Command exercises called ‘Preparing and conducting a defensive battle’ are under way. We are improving the professional skills of the command staff,”  says the head of the headquarters of the military unit, Lt Col Poghos Petrosyan.

Well-aware of the nature and content of the enemy’s possible actions, both in the rear and on the front lines, training never stops, with one difference: here the enemy is not hypothetical. There can be real encroachments and attacks at any moment.

“When carrying out a task in a combat group, everyone works excellently. They are mainly second-year soldiers and they know very well how to act in the situation,” assures the chief of the post, Artur Aghajanyan.

In this position are the contractors. Most of the staff are from nearby communities, which makes them more committed. Behind them are their families; in front of them is the enemy, who spares no effort to disrupt the fragile peace with irregular and unpromising steps.

“We don’t have an inch of land to give to the enemy. We are ready for any development of events,” says the chief of the post.



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