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SOLDIERS IN FIRING RANGEThe training day started in the border military unit in the early morning. It is a shooting drill. The conscripts, under the command of their commanders, spare no effort to refine and improve their firing, strive to hit all targets, and surpass their own results. Each of the boys has a certain military profession, has a task to strengthen the defense of the border, and each of them is experienced…


In one part of the shooting range, Junior Sergeant Petros Minasyan shows his military personnel the correct procedure for each exercise, directs the soldiers’ actions. In his 20th month of military service, he knows very well how to refine every element of combat training. It is a great responsibility for him to take the lead. “When you stand on the border and realize that by protecting the border entrusted to you, you ensure the security of your country, your family, your relatives, you have completely new feelings and you understand that you have to do your job only with honor, courage and great dedication.”

In another part of the firing range, Karapet Poladyan is preparing to fire from his weapon. The soldier is sure that this time too he will hit the target. And he is not wrong. Karapet is a grenade launcher. He says with undisguised pride: “I have been firing this weapon for a year and I have never missed.”

Yervand Ghazaryan is also taking part in the training held at the military unit. He was born and raised in Kirovsk, Russia. He is the only son of five children in the family. When he came of age, his father put his hand on his shoulder and said: “My son, it’s time to go to Armenia and do your duty.”

“And I came. I have been serving my homeland for a year and three months now. ”

… Artillery training begins in another part of the military unit. Edgar Hambardzumyan immediately transfers the mathematical calculations necessary for hitting the enemy’s targets to the personnel of the artillery.

Edgar has chosen to become a doctor and is studying at a medical university. And here, in the army, he is an artillerist. He has three more months left until the end of the term of service. “I am just happy to be here. It’s true that at first I was attracted to intelligence, but I also loved artillery. Especially my profession as a calculator is very important in artillery management. When calculating, you clearly realize how many lives depend on your accuracy and speed. We, artillerists, work in a group. By supporting each other, we accomplish our task. We took part in the military exercises, we felt the force of the artillery shell, the force of the artillery fire seemed to pass through our veins.

Now, I trust my strengths and professionalism as well as my friends. We can say that we are experienced specialists. There are also freshmen among us who are keeping up with us.




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