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WE BELIEVE IN RESURACTION AND IMMORTALITYDear military commanders and soldiers of the Armenian Army

Standing again in the face of the reality of our Lord’s empty tomb of Jesus Christ, we need to enter into the mystery of Christ’s message with unwavering and all-encompassing faith. In these days of universal separation, we have the opportunity to reflect on the realities of the Divine Truths that revolutionized human experience and reality about two thousand years ago with the gospel of


CHRIST RESURECTED. The hope of resurrection and immortality that enlightened the world of Armenia through the Holy Sepulcher of Christ and enlightened the world of Armenia by the apostles strengthened the souls of the children of our faithful people, banishing the darkness of ignorance and the fear of death.

Beloved, it is our faith that human science and experience, filled with the miraculous Resurrection of Christ, wisdom, and national unity, will be crowned with victorious miracles in the struggle against more and more invisible enemies.

We trust in God that the steadfastness and zeal of the Armenian army commanders and soldiers in the faith of Christ’s Resurrection will be crowned with selfless devotion, service, and communion with God.

From the bottom of our hearts, our souls are filled with the united prayer of the heart, so that in these difficult days of the epidemic, the power of the Savior’s resurrection will keep the spirit and arm of our homeland defender unwavering and unwavering.


With the blessing of

Bishop Vrtanes Abrahamyan

Religious Leader of the Armenian Armed Forces

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