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A TRIP IN MILITARY UNITWe are in the military unit under the command of Col Vazgen Hakobyan, whose subordinates are on combat duty along the southern border of our country. We are walking around the military unit, and watching the daily routine.

Early in the morning, the personnel leaving for combat duty are sent to the front line after receiving the last instructions.

The road to the positions is still snowy, while in the lowlands spring is already in full swing, with its white blossoms, in the highlands the nature has not yet been freed from the ice chains. The widespread silence is constantly disturbed by the sound of the equipment — the bulldozers are cleaning the snow on the road leading to the positions.

“Roads to the posts are always in the center of attention,” says Maj Edik Khachatryan, the head of the military unit’s engineering service.”

“Camouflaging is also critical; lots of work has been done to protect the personnel.” Every effort is being made to make the security of the servicemen as reliable as possible,” he says.

“The unit is equipped with modern equipment, moreover, we are in the top ten. We have received new vehicles, new weapons, we are equipped with appropriate devices for night and thermal vision,” he goes on with undeniable pride and continues. “Times are changing, soldiers should master weapons, regularly enriching their knowledge and improving their professional skills. Knowledge also inspires confidence.”

A theoretical lesson is under way in one of the classrooms of the military unit: disassembling and assembling the rifle, among other skills is what the soldiers are busy with.


We also visited the medical station. Maintaining a soldier’s health is one of the army’s most important tasks. The station is a typical building, has two isolators with separate entrances, a separate bathroom, a reception-dressing room. Along with the posters on the walls with various medical tips, the instructions for fighting the coronavirus that shook the world have been added.



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