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STANDING READY TO ACCOMPLISH THEIR TASKSThe drill alarm roars sounds in the unit. A few seconds later, the troops stand in line. Tactical trainings are under way: the goal is to improve the skills of the personnel.

The commander instructs each of the servicemen. Soldiers quickly get on the trucks as soon as they get their weapons and backpacks. The staff moves in predetermined directions to perform the combat task.

The artillerymen are exterminating the heavy artillery in the field and getting to work. Norik Karapetyan brings the artillery to combat readiness within the prescribed period. Norik is one of the best in this military unit: the best soldier, best friend, the best artilleryman — that’s how they describe him here. A son of a priest, Norik, says that priests often help to overcome problems and difficulties of the military environment. “Before joining the army, I used to visit military units with my father, and he had a psychological talk with the soldiers. After joining the army, I realized how important the presence of a priest is here. We call on our deacon Ruben, if necessary, and he always helps us with his talks, prayers, and counsel. ”

Those recently recruited, also participate in the trainings. Soldiers who have joined our army will have the knowledge and experience to become reliable guarantors of homeland security.


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