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WE KEEP AN EYE ON EVERY ISSUECol Arayik Petrosyan, the head of the General Staff’s Troops Service, on the work accomplished in 2019


Q: Colonel, what has been done to improve the service of the troops in 2019?

A: We have upgraded the control over the correct planning of troops’ service, clear execution of the day’s schedule, replenishment of armed security units with qualified personnel, furnishing of the security facilities; in addition, the provision of the troops with training materials has been improved, and the general bylaws  have been amended.

The department carried out scheduled inspections in more than sixty military units. In addition to the inspections, assistance was provided in the planning, accounting, reporting, and maintenance of service documents in accordance with the requirements of the Armed Forces Garrison and Guard Service Codes.

The task forces of the department checked the units of Yerevan and Armavir garrison, theoretical and practical trainings were held on the spot. A professional gathering of officers was also held, during which they discussed the methodologically correct organization of the service activities of the troops in the preparatory phase, as well as the issues of drawing conclusions from the shortcomings seen last year and how to correct them as soon as possible.

Along with the inspections, assistance in preparing for the training phase of the units with low performance by the end of the year was also discussed, along with other issues, including those related to the top personnel of the Armed Forces General Staff.

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