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WE WILL SERVE WITH HONOR, COME BACK WITH HONORThe conscript is in process. The Aragatsotn Military Commissariat is really busy.

The courtyard of the military commissariat has been crowded since early morning – it’s packed with the relatives of the conscripts.

The Potoyan family from Dzorap are sending their second son Roman to the army.

Roman is a strong young man, an athlete with an experience in fights without rules, has achieved remarkable success in the Armenian Championship. He will continue his sports career after the army.

Roman’s older brother, Ruben, was drafted a year ago, and his parents know where their younger son will serve – the same place as his older brother: under the law, he is allowed to make such a choice.

“I am looking forward to our forthcoming meeting,” Roman says. “We will serve together easier, besides, it will be easier for our parents to visit one place. I have visited my brother’s place of service for several times, and he was pleased with both the service and the terms of service.

“A lot has changed in the army now,” says Armen Potoyan, Roman’s father, joining the conversation.

Armen is one of the first soldiers of the Armenian army to serve in Karvachar, participate in military operations …

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