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ALIK MAMOYAN BECOMES SOLDIER OF HOMELANDAlik Mamoyan, determined to accept the shift in the army and defend the country, will join the armed forces just like any other 18-year-old boy. A few more minutes of civilian life without military discipline, the last farewell to the home and parents …

… At 9 o’clock Alik was already at the Territorial Military Commissariat, and although he was silent all the way, here he seemed to realize his role and mission, modestly saying: “I go to replace the guys who have been defending the homeland for two years, day and nights.”

At the military commissariat, Alik first fills out all the necessary documents and then goes to a medical examination. Army routine and uniform are not alien to him. As a school student, he was a member of the Young Yerkrapah Volunteers Union and learned a lot about military service. “From my childhood I was interested in both the army and the daily routine of the military. And that’s why I started attending the Young Yerkrapah Club. During those years I was able to get acquainted with weapons, ranks, physical training, and I think now it will be easier for me to adapt to army life. ”

Alik is sure that every Armenian boy should serve in the military. He is not afraid of difficulties, he promises to serve well and be a disciplined soldier.

It’s time to leave. With the conscripts, Alik gets on a bus to move to the central headquarters.

In military gear, in the person of Alik Mamoyan, we see the defender of the homeland, the new guarantor of our peace. “When I wore this uniform, I realized the responsibility that would be placed on my shoulders … and began to believe and trust myself, my strengths …”

He will start service in a training unit. He will spend the first six months of his service in a signals training unit, then he will be deployed to the Armed Forces. We wished good luck to the new soldier of the Armenian Army and arranged to meet in a few months to find out how he had mastered his craft.


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