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MY HOUSE IS IN ARMENIATigran Dzitoghtsyan: the most famous contemporary Armenian artist in the world. He is called Armenian Salvador Dali. He is considered the founder of the technological renaissance. His paintings are displayed around the world.

“No matter how bright and impressive the arts are, the most important thing is your message. An artist’s message is formed from the day he was born and summarizes the cognitive, emotional experiences.”

The surname Dzitoghtsyan indicates that your art is nourished from a very rich source. And what is your way?

“I am the only child of my parents and I grew up in a very good environment. My mother is a musician, during my childhood I listened to the whole classical repertoire of piano music. My father was an engineer by profession, but he was interested in art, philosophy. We had a large library, a rich collection of music albums. My parents’ friends were gathering in our house, active and talented intellectuals, turning the house into an anti-Soviet headquarters. Prohibited books were read, copied and distributed. I was a constant listener of their conversations.”

“What were they talking about?”

“Arts, freedom, human relationships … And I was inadvertently filled with thoughts, images, and emotions. I was very young when I started painting. I was really drawn to painting, painting from morning to evening, and my parents were forcing me to play in the yard so that I would not isolate myself from other boys and grow into a full-grown man.

Gayane Poghosyan

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