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THE SOLDIER IS GOD HEREWhile receiving my regular treatments at the “Support for Injured Soldiers and Military Disabled” charity NGO, my attention was focused on an elderly visitor passing through a test: he had an accent not typical for Armenia.

“Are you American Armenian?” I asked.

“Almost,” he answered, stretching his right hand.  He introduced himself: “Rafael Darbinyan, born and raised in the center of Yerevan, left for the United States by chance, then to France. In 2017, I was seventy years old and had a stroke. I was treated in the best clinics in France, I spent millions, but as you can see, my left limbs almost don’t work. My doctor was in Armenia last year, visited this center and advised me to continue the treatment here – affordable and effective.

THE SOLDIER IS GOD HERE“Is the doctor Armenian?”

“No, he is French and was surprised to find such a high quality rehabilitation center in a small country like Armenia. Here everything is wonderful – both attentive and knowledgeable medical staff and medical equipment and equipped with the latest advances in medicine. Eye-catching cleanliness is everywhere along with order. I pay for my treatment here, but all soldiers and officers, retired people with disabilities are treated for free. Yesterday I was in the center cafeteria. I do not exaggerate, many restaurants would dream of having such a menu and service. But that is not the point,” Rafael Darbinyan continues. Only the mother can care for and feed her young child. In short, the soldier is god at this center.


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