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WOMEN PEACEKEEPERSThe women’s platoon of the Armenian Peacekeeping Brigade was established in 2017 as part of the cooperation program between the Ministry of Defense and the United Nations Population Fund.

Currently, the women peacekeepers in the Armenian peacekeeping force are deployed in NATO “Kosovo Forces” (Kosovo, KFOR), “Resolute Support” (Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Resolute support), as well as under the auspices of the United Nations (UNIFIL) in the Republic of Lebanon. Nations Interim Force in Lebanon) in peacekeeping missions.

From the very beginning of the formation of the peacekeeping platoon, Private Sona Khalatyan served here. 22-year-old Sona dreamed from childhood about wearing military uniforms and defending the homeland. She has always been inspired by the image of National Hero Monte Melkonyan.

At first Sona’s decision was opposed by the family, but after seeing the girl’s unyielding will and determination, they eventually gave in. Parents are now proud of their daughter’s success.

WOMEN PEACEKEEPERSAnother platoon private, Rima Israelyan, has just moved into the peacekeeping brigade after serving in the air defense for about a year. She says expectations are high with too many tasks to accomplish.

Rima too was obsessed with military service since childhood. Her mother had brought up three daughters in a patriotic spirit. As a result, all three became soldiers.

She understands the difficulties of the service well, noting that she is ready to overcome any obstacle, only to do her job.

“I am happy here, it is a great honor for me to serve the homeland,” says an Private Israelyan.



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