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THE BESTThe desire to be the best has been a principle for Lt Col Mheryan since his early years in the service. Recalls the first bidding experience when the best battery commander was recognized.

“It was the 19th anniversary of the formation of the Armed Forces. A contest of battalion and battery commanders was announced. The school year has just begun. I presented the competition requirements to my staff and said, ‘Why not, we’ll be the winners.’ The result was brilliant.”

He has participated in many tactical maneuvers in combat. These days he is getting ready for the next one.

“Exercises, concomitant competitions give you an opportunity to look more confidently into the future. And the competition is an additional impetus for self-improvement, to inspire and train staff, “says the officer.” You put yourself in the condition of self-improvement. And, of course, you should try to pass it on to others, otherwise knowledge is nothing. But the most important thing is that everyone in the service sector understands the importance of self-education and is serious about it. If one learns something on his own, he will never forget. I tell you from my experience. If you constantly read, understand, perceive as a lasting value, that knowledge will become yours. This is also an important condition for keeping the troops effective, especially in the increasingly complex and evolving system of combat. We have efficient units that are ready to carry out any task at any time.

Lt Col Mheryan’s inspiration comes from his warm and supportive family, his wife Nelly, and his two wonderful children, Samvel and Ani.

“For a soldier, family is an important impetus for life, because you live for your family, you create for your loved ones, and finally, for your family, you defend the homeland. Officer’s happiness is family …”


Knar Tadevosyan


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