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WE ARE OFF TO DEFEND OUR PORTION OF THE HOMELANDIt’s the first day of the winter conscription. After a celebration of the New Year’s holidays, the guys have reported to military commissariats where, after doublechecking all the necessary documents and passing another medical examination, they will be sent to the Central Gathering Station. Meanwhile, we are at the Shengavit Military Commissariat, and we are talking with some of the conscripts.

Arman came from Turkey where he studied jewelry for the past six years at his relative, who is a jeweler.

Hayk has come from Russia to fulfill his duty. For ten years, he and his family have been living there. Now his entire family – the father, the mother and the sister — have come with him to Armenia to see him off for military service. Hayk could serve in Russia. However, when he saw the recent changes in our country, we all hope for the best. Several of my son’s friends have also come from Russia to pass a military service here.

They will receive a blessing in the church, and that blessing will be with them at every pointe of their service. I am entering the church and lit candles. My only prayer today is that they have a peaceful and honorable service and return to their families.

WE ARE OFF TO DEFEND OUR PORTION OF THE HOMELANDShortly afterwards the bus with the conscript is approaching. Inside the church, pastor Hrachya reads out the guardian’s prayer for them in front of the altar and urges them to be like brothers to each other.

The mood is festive in the yard of the church. Representatives of the district administration and Shengavit military commissar Col. Ashot Hakobjanyan say their best wishes and encouraging words to them.

There is no need to be shame: today is a holiday, and many of them start dancing outside the church. Everyone applauds them and offer their best wishes. The mothers are hiding their tears and trying to inspire the boys in every way. The buses are again getting ready to transport the conscripts; but this time to the Central Gathering Station, where the guys will pass the final medical examinations, receive their insignia and, after their military units are determined through a draw, will be off for service. This is the final departure point for some of the relatives and friends: hugs, smiles with tears and wishes of luck.

By Knar Tadevosyan

Photos by Areg Vardanyan

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