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SASHA HAD TO REACH HOME...A soldier from the battlefield carried away his dead comrade. Is there a higher heroism in the war than this? It is the main duty of a soldier!

Conscript, sergeant Tigran Hakhverdyan is awarded a medal “For Courage” for his feat.

– Tigran, why did you put your life in danger? You knew that he had died.

– Our friend, our Sasha had to reach home… Senior Lieutenant Nalbandyan asked, “Who will go with me?” I took a step forward. I did not think about the danger. The wounded commander was going after his soldier, and I – after my friend. In those days, we were ready for anything. Sasha was shooting with his “Utyos” toward the enemy. He just did not have time to charge the gun. We knew that he was dead, but I and my commander were going to save him. The soldier must be confident that they would come after him, that he will not be left alone…



South-east direction

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