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Interview with professional athlete of common martial arts, winner of the OFS 8th championship Albert Ghazaryan


56 SECONDSAlbert Ghazaryan in the finals of the OFS 8th championship had to fight with Azerbaijani Ruslan Muratazov. Albert entered the sports-hall with the flags of Armenia and Nagorno Karabakh Republic, accompanied by well-known athletes, in the uniform of the national army.

– If I had the slightest doubt that I lose, I would not come in the uniform of the victorious army. My defeat would mean to betray the soldier who does not spare his life on the border. My victory I gave to Armenian soldiers because the soldiers protecting the border today, are the most important people of my country. Ruslan Muratazov was a strong contender, but I was stronger. And he entered the ring with a determination to win, he was very aggressive, so it was very hard for him to suffer defeat.

The person must be able to receive lessons from his defeat. Very important is the work of the coach. Since I was 12 I am with my coach – Hayk Ghukasyan, together we have been fighting my way, together we win. In general, the right unity is a very powerful force! The Artsakh war, and April fights showed that no force in the world can defeat the united Armenians. There are not enough honest and fair fights in the world. If I see that someone is better than me to represent Armenia in the international ring, I’ll start to help him, so he will go up even higher. Common sense will save the world from which the truth is born. If we all help the truth to win, then the world will become a paradise.

A person should choose the right path, the right specialty. To achieve victory – this is the first thing. Second – to be loyal to your cause. Before they will raise my hand on the ring, I go through the hard way. I deprive myself of thousands of pleasure to have these few minutes of victory! It is my choice!

The last days I have received many phone calls from the soldiers, the officers at the border, they were so excited! They say – we’ll fight against the Turks with double boldness. Everywhere people meet me with a smile. This is my happiness, my finest hour, that’s what I live for.

My fight with Azerbaijani lasted 56 seconds. We live a whole life these 56 seconds to leed us to glory and victory.


Interviewed by Gayaneh Pogosyan


PS – On the Internet, a video was spread: Ruslan Muratazov before the battle turns to Albert Ghazaryan: “At this time, nothing will save you, the battle will last only 5 minutes and you can go home, nobody will need you anymore.”

The battle lasted much shorter – only 56 seconds, and Murataov lost.

And then I remembered military myths composed by Azerbaijanis, their threats and words of one of our brave soldiers, Shant, “You should have seen how the Azerbaijani commandos fled from 18-20-year-old Armenian soldiers!”

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