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REFLECTIONS FROM THE REAR AND THE FRONT LINEAs if they were going to a wedding, the wedding of defense of the homeland.


On 6 April 2016 together with the LBCI Lebanese television journalists I arrived in Yerevan from Beirut. In the volunteers registration point in Nubarashen I witnessed that hundreds of young volunteers, middle-aged men, war veterans came, even the disabled. They were all brought here by the call of their homeland and blood, consciousness of responsibilities that they have to defend their homeland. And they came, joyful, as if they came to the wedding. Yes, they were going to the wedding of defense of the fatherland.

Among the volunteers were even father and son. And in my mind I gloryfied the Lord for being born as an Armenian. I am proud that I am a son of the victorious people, I am proud of all that is Armenian.

When I asked the volunteers – what led them here? – all had one reply: Artsakh – is Armenia and that is it! We are fighting for Armenia, for our honor and children to live in peace, calmness and carefree.

On the same day we arrived in Stepanakert, Artsakh capital, met with the press secretary of the NKR President. Reporters noted that in spite of the military situation, life here goes on as usual.

On April 7, all of us – the military, journalists, correspondents have moved to Martuni. On the front line we did interviews with the military. Then I saw that, in spite of the dangerous situation, the mood of the soldiers and officers was buoyant, cheerful, morale – excellent. At this point, I spoke live about my impressions to the Lebanese TV channel “Voice of Van”.

…In Stepanakert, life was going on. The faces of the young people were smiling. They knew, they understood what war was, however, were calm as they were sure that they have defenders.

On April 8, at midnight, I was in Beirut.

I was even more Armenian.

On April 11, I went back… to Yerevan, brought my modest participation in assisting Artsakh which started in Yerevan.

I want to conclude with the words of the Lebanese journalist: “During the war, people flee from the country, and here, in Armenia and Karabakh, is quite the contrary, I have seen people going to the other side, in the direction of the war. I wish the Lebanese were also like this! ”

Thanks to everyone who helped us in our work, in our trip.

Safe service, dear soldiers!

Honor and glory to the dead and alive heroes!

Long live the Armenian Army!


Kiro Garakyozyan

Beirut, 13 May 2016

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