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THE KINGDOM OF SOARING EAGLES AND THE WHITE ANGELSculptor Martin Kakosyan left his earthly life in April and now from heaven looks down and watches the flight of his eagles.


The statues carved by you we can see everywhere, but I was always amazed by your eagles, Martin. They are proud, Aryan, and it seems, they are about to come out of bronze and will soar over Armenia. One of them stands at the administrative complex of the Ministry of defense.

– What do the eagles give you? – once I asked Martin.

– Courage of spirit. These birds make me realize that the retreat is not acceptable. They are my ambassadors of the idea of invincibility. The spirit of courage should always hover over our country!

You were the student of the great Yervand Kochar. The first time you went to see him when you were 17 years old. Avetik Isahakyan, Derenik Demirchyan, Shara Talyan used to come to his studio.

Martin Kakosyan, I always imagined you with a hammer in your hand, when you sculpted the statue of Lazarev, which is placed in Rome, close to St. Peter’s church. And your wife, Maxena told that the statue is of such power that the Russian ambassador said jokingly: “At night Lazarev walks through his territory.”

THE KINGDOM OF SOARING EAGLES AND THE WHITE ANGELYou, Martin from Gyumri, liked to say that your place of birth is Alexandrapol, and you did not want to name the city with its new name. You loved your country, being the chairman of the Union of Designers, you were always trying to see the light behind the shadow.

Your last work was an angel statue. You lived with your creation, believed that it will come to life. Your last words were: “Angel will stay in Armenia, as a powerful and life-giving force, the personification of purity in order to bring blessing to the city.”




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