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TALYSH SEEKING INDEPENDENCEThese days in the regions of Azerbaijan, where Talysh communities live, spontaneous events are being organized, which are primarily aimed at the Talysh to not participate in the fighting. And it is for them the most important thing today.

It is known that the Azerbaijani authorities send to the front line mainly the representatives of indigenous people: Talysh, Lezgins etc. If you look at the list of the victims, you can see that they constitute a significant number.

According to the Talyshistan National Television, serious developments are expected on this front. And they are also conditioned by the Karabakh-Azerbaijani conflict.

Talysh activists are persecuted, their phones tapped. But even in such dangerous conditions, indigenous representatives are actively involved in the retention of their sons from the war. Anyway, already a big part of the Talysh do not believe in such calls like: “Azerbaijan is our common homeland, we must fight for the common homeland…” Most of the Talysh are against any autonomy within Azerbaijan.

Today Talysh people aspire to independence and have one goal – independence!


Garnik Asatryan


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