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ONLY FORWARD!Our army will win again the Azerbaijani army, our people once again will win the people of Azerbaijan!

We stopped the advance of the enemy, who entered into our land, and threw it back. Armenian soldier proved that he stands firmly on the soil of his ancestors and never will allow anyone to attack our homeland.

Our people have never been so powerful and heroic.

Armenia, Diaspora, Artsakh and our army were never been so united, with strong spirit.

We won, and we will win, because our entire nation is behind the army, because in a moment of danger the whole Armenian nation becomes one army.

There is no soldier in the world better, braver the Armenian soldier!

This adventure has had very severe consequences for Azerbaijan and will continue to have. Azerbaijan suffered big human and material losses, proving that its threats are empty and false.

Today we are the owners of the situation. And we are determined. The Azerbaijani leadership has yet to explain to its people – why so many human losses were needed, why they tried to invade other people’s land and what for its own sons were killed?


Levon Mnatsakanyan

Commander of NKR Army of Defence

Lieutenant General

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