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"AT THIS POINT, NO MOVEMENT IS OBSERVED: THE SITUATION IS TOTALLY UNDER CONTROL"We are located in the north-eastern section of the border. Sergeant of the reference point, Senior Lieutenant Radik Ayvazyan accompanies us. I notice that the reference points, the trenches have a strong engineering structures. Machine-gunner Narek Amiryan very confidently said that they are in full combat readiness.

In the combat reference point in peace and solidarity serve the Armenian and Russian, Yezidi and Molokan – soldiers Narek Amiryan, Andrey Tananaev, Alik Dzhangoyan, Dmitriy Blokhinov, Arshaluys Sargsyan.

I was admiring our soldiers, their valiant posture, military discipline, when suddenly there was an order from deputy commander on work with personnel, Major V.Stepanyan. And in a few minutes the soldiers were fully ready for battle. They acted according to martial calculation and performed the assignment brilliantly.

At noon we reached the next reference point. Sergeant of the reference point, Junior Sergeant Edgar Mkrtchyan reported:

– The observation has been increased across the whole border line. At the moment, no movement has been observed, the situation is completely under control.

Edgar is a military on contract. Recently, for the second time he extended his contract.

– I am proud that the command of the military unit trusts me, – he says. – For me, there is nothing nobler than to be worthy of the honor to wear the uniform of defender of the motherland, worthy of the title of defender of the homeland.

And here is the sniper, soldier Hovsep Tsaturyan, he is regarded as a well-aimed sniper. Soldier Hayk Klekchyan is a reference point shooter, six years he serves under contract.

– This is our country, we are the owners of this country, and we must defend it. Service at the border is a man’s job.

Indeed it is said – the country belongs to the one who lives there and protects it, which is called the Homeland!


Samvel Harutyunyan


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