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... AND THE ARMY WILL BE MINEInterview with actor Ara Sargsyan


– My eldest son Hayk became a soldier in 2005, and 10 years later – my Harutyun. His oath I listened with tears in my eyes, and when I was going around in the military unit, my pride increased, seeing bright, tidy barracks, a new, clean dining room. I saw a native army, which at the same time is strict, disciplined, battle-worthy. I saw the solidarity of country and the state, love and the law.

Army becomes dear to the man, when from platoon leader to regiment commander treat your son as a relative. If you’re going to love my son-soldier, take care of him, tremble for his life, then the army would be mine, the country will be mine. We all participate in the construction of the army – from street cleaners and ending with arts people, ministers… All performances of the Malyan theater, all images created by me preach patriotism between the lines. The current generation is strong, without complexes and is ready to measure with the world. Here they are – the future of the Armenian army. Today the next day of Armenia is born. And I am sure that we will have a glorious future.

Recently, the actor Ara Sargsyan was awarded the gold medal of the Mayor of Yerevan. Our newspaper also congratulates the actor on his birthday and wishes happiness, loving audience… and peaceful service to soldier Harutyun.



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