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MAP OF THE REGION ON THE VERGE OF RESHAPINGCandidate of Philology Sciences, Armenologist Haykazun Alvrtsyan founded and is the director of the Research Center for Studies of Western Armenians’ problems. The Center studies the information obtained from Western Armenia and other regions of Turkey about the different spheres of the life of Armenians, Center staff meet with local Armenians, on the spot study the conditions and problems of their life, and all this is published on the website

In 2014 A.Alvrtsyan published a book “The problems of the faith changed Armenians in the Republic of Turkey” in Armenian and Turkish languages.


Interview with head of the Research Center for Studies of Western Armenians’ problems Haykazun Alvrtsyan about events in Turkey.

– The book of Davutoglu “Strategic depth” in fact can be considered as the theory of neo-Ottomanism, ie Pan-Turkism. At its core is as if the very tempting for all the principle of “zero problems with neighbors”. Armenian-Turkish protocols are also among those plans. However, subsequent events have shown the reality: “zero neighbors – many problems.”

Today is brewing such a situation that the present Turkey is not beneficial to anyone – neither the US, nor Europe, since Turkey’s “big appetite” has demonstrated to the world the danger of neo-Ottomanism. Related to this is the gesture of the United States – taking out the Shiite Iran from almost 30-year isolation.

In South-Western Armenia, especially in the district of Diyarbakir, in different parts bordering Syria and Iraq serious disturbances of the Kurds began, and it has a perspective of its transformation into a major war that can not be prevented. It can be displayed through the dismemberment of Turkey. And there is a basis for this, if we bear in mind that the map of the region, drawn 100 years ago, does not correspond to current realities, neither in political, nor economic or military-political, or ethno-religious points of view.

The Turks are now trying to present that members of the Kurdish parties mainly are Armenians, they want to find the “Armenian trace” everywhere. Thus, the state propaganda machine solves two problems: trying to discredit the Kurdish liberation struggle, presenting it as an Armenian conspiracy, and second, fueling anti-Armenian moods in the society.

Now many national minorities – Alawites, Zaza – try to accept their share of responsibility in the Armenian genocide, but much of the Kurds deny this fact. Former Deputy Mayor of Diyarbakir, told us that today those Kurdish forces serve the state who participated in the genocide of the Armenians. And those who have not participated, now have an anti-government stance.

Pro-government Kurds want to create a big Kurdistan on the territories of Western Armenia. So, the recognition/non-recognition of the Armenian Genocide – it is also a profound political question in terms of the creation of a Kurdish state.



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