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ESTABLISHMENT OF THE REPUBLIC OF TALYSHSTAN IS A MATTER OF TIMEInterview with Director of the Institute of Indigenous Peoples of the Caucasian-Caspian region, Professor Garnik Asatryan

 – A number of indigenous people – Talysh, Lezgins, Avars, Tats – regardless of their will became a part of Azerbaijan, and on their land have become second-class citizens deprived of any rights. Talysh are two million people, the fourth largest ethnic group in the Caucasus. Despite successive attempts of the Azerbaijani authorities to turkishize the Talysh, the latters have not lost their national identity. They have extensive experience in the national struggle, knowledgeable political leaders, active and patriotic intelligentsia. Today Talysh are one of the most important geopolitical factors in the region. Their national unity is almost a completed process.

Already 2000 years Talysh are a single ethnic group, but due to the lack of statehood their national unity began only in the mid-18th century. If 10 years ago about the Talysh spoke only within a narrow circle of specialists, today Talysh are one of the most prominent ethnic groups in the region. In that Armenia has its share. Talyshology is developing today in Armenia, the first conference on talyshology was convened in Yerevan, here the Talysh political thought is nurtured. The largest Talysh Diaspora is located in Russia. This is a very active community, stands with different initiatives.

I will say also, that the logical disintegration of Azerbaijan will be useful for “titular nation” of that artificial state – Azerbaijanis, who live in an atmosphere of manifestation of national hatred and enmity.

In the end, every person, regardless of nationality, must live in a peaceful atmosphere, be protected, free, free to speak their own language, preserve their culture and national identity, be the master of their homeland and destiny.


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