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or insolvency of Azerbaijani propaganda


"BALD, IF YOU HAVE THE MEDICINE, CURE YOURSELF!"The other day, a soldier was killed in the Armenian army – Yezidi by nationality.

Friendship of the Armenian and Yezidi people, their military alliance have come a long historical path – from Sardarapat to Artsakh. Let us remember the great Yezidi hero, famous military leader Jahangir Agha, whose descendant was Teymur Sloyan.

Such tragic events, which generally are not relevant to the national affiliation of a soldier, unfortunately, occurred and are occurring in any army. However, suddenly the tragedy that occurred with the Yezidi-soldier, “excited” and caused “incurable pain” to our enemy, Azerbaijan. In fact, the Azerbaijani propaganda machine finally found a “good opportunity” for the announcement of “democracy” in its country and of the “ethnic hatred” in Armenia.

What kind of inter-ethnic problems in Armenia one can talk about, if the President of the country at the UN first started talking about the massacre of the Yezidi people in Iraq? Armenia is a country where Yezidis are building their temples of worship; where their culture, language, history is maintained and developed; where books and studies about this people are periodically published; where the Armenian Defense Minister visits the Yezidi family and congratulates on their main holiday – holy Day of the Resurrection.

It is obvious that Azerbaijan is trying to use this unfortunate incident for its own purposes, to cover up the terrible economic situation of their own country, deepening poverty of its people, difficult and tense ethnic situation. The whole world knows that the two-million Talysh people living in this country today rose to the defense of their national and human rights. Being the fourth largest ethnic group in the region, which ironically turned out to be a part of Azerbaijan, now is deprived of schools, books, basic human rights. Azerbaijan has even forbidden to utter aloud the word “Talysh”.

In this case we speak – straw in another’s eye sees, and in his – did not notice the log. Primitive antipropaganda!

And this is your potential and intellectual level? …


Gevorg Asatryan

Category: #06 (1126) 24.02.2016 - 2.03.2016, National army, News, Spotlight