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They brought home the main cup of the gathering, medals and badges “Hero of the Day”.


In the city of the Russian Federation Perm from 12 to 20 February the 14th international gathering-competition “Young Patriots” was held which was attended by the Cadets of the Military-sports Lyceum of RA MoD after Monteh Melkonyan. The team won the first place of honor.

The gathering was attended by 42 teams: Armenia – 1, Belarus – 2, Kazakhstan – 4, Kyrgyzstan – 1, RF – 33, China – 1 (the first time).

The following events were held: The hero of the day, The best in training, Creative work, Contest of presentations, Militarized relay.

In the categories “Hero of the Day” and “The best in training” Armenian Lyceum students took the 1st place, and presentation of creative work of E.Margaryan “Letter to the front to my grandfather” was awarded a diploma of the 2nd category.        Let’s note that this is the second time that the students of the Military-sports Lyceum of RA MoD after Monteh Melkonyan took the 1st place (the first time was in 2014).

It should be mentioned that in 2016 the gathering had been an unprecedented by number of participants – 700 people. In the future it is planned to increase the number of participating teams.




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