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WINTER TRAINING STAGE LAUNCHEDOn February 15, in the armed forces officially started winter training stage 2016, which resume theoretical and practical lessons designed by training plan.

In connection with the start of the winter stage, on February 15, RA Defense Minister Seyran Ohanyan visited the peacekeeping brigade of the RA Armed Forces. Congratulating the staff, the Minister noted that the Armenian armed forces every day are improving their tactical skills. By implementing the idea in every task, in the Armenian army the framework of ideological education is finally formed, which is based on devotion of every soldier to the sacred cause to protect the homeland.

The head of the defense department said that under the current geo-political developments, formed around Armenia’s security environment and today’s challenges, it is essential, through comparison of national and international guarantees, to ensure a common level of safety, and in this case the peacekeeping contingent has its special role. According to Ohanyan, Armenian Armed Forces first of all carry out a peacekeeping mission on the state border, and this experience enables the Armenian army to register new progress in different parts of the world, to prove that the Armenian army is not inferior to the leading armies of the world.

The commander of the peacekeeping brigade of the Armed Forces, Major General Arthur Simonyan said that the peacekeeping brigade, to further enhance military professionalism and new successes in the international sphere, in 2016 academic year, took for himself the following slogan: “Create peace, being ready for war.”

The solemn ceremony was organized in one of the aviation military units of the Armed Forces, which was attended by Chief of General Staff of RA Armed Forces, Colonel-General Youri Khachaturov, who wished to servicemen success and new achievements.

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