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ORDERED - NOT TO DIE!Colonel Samvel Movsisyan, by decree of the RA President is awarded the medal “Combat Service”.


He finished school with “excellence”, the Airborne Institute – with a gold medal, was the doyen of the national team… and so to the present day: successes, achievements, titles… Since 12 years of age he was in melee combat, was the champion of Armenia.

– Life is a ring – says Lt. Colonel, – both in life and in the ring, wins the one who is more agile, more sensible, more intelligent. Who can guess the secret intentions of the enemy. Who gets in a strike at the right moment in the right spot.

Ring teaches to always be alert, because your opponent can take advantage of your most minor mistake and win even when you are stronger than him. Ring teaches to weigh your own strength before the fight, but when you come to the ring, you must surely believe that you are strong and you will win. Fear can kill even the strongest man.

In the ring, there is no enemy, in the ring you measure forces with the opponent, you do not want to destroy him, you do not want to kill him, but in the fight with the enemy, either they kill you, or you kill them.

In our group, there are girls, but I am opposed to women becoming scouts or snipers. But I will say that they, as men, impeccably carry out their assignment, and then go home and become common wives, mothers, sisters…

I was trained in schools special around the world, I am familiar with the special forces troops of different countries and I’d say that no one has the courage, military talent and responsibility of our soldiers.

We all are ordered – not to die!

I want it every day before going to sleep, we remember those soldiers and officers who are ordered not to die, whose life is a combat mission, and action… Let us remember the people who live a whole life at the intersection of victory-defeat. And the idea that for our peace someone agreed to pay with their lives can cause us to further evaluate our peace and be more responsible for the fate of our country.



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