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LIFE LESSONSThe founder of neurosurgery in Armenia, wonderful doctor, Professor Souren ZOHRABYAN is 95! But until now, he is working in the hospital of the New Nork “St. Gregory the Illuminator.”

The doctor grew up in a family of intellectuals. While studying at the Yerevan Medical Institute his teacher was Ivan Rodionovich Bakhrameyev. When the War began Zohrabyan was on the 4th course. They received a medical degree ahead of time and went to the front. He worked in the mobile military field hospital, and 2 years later was appointed as a neurosurgeon in a stationary hospital. Much later, it turned out that he had made more than 2700 operations.

In Moscow Zohrabyan defends his Ph.D thesis, and in 1946 in Yerevan sets up a medical neuro-therapy department. Then, again back in Moscow, meets with Academician Burdenko. There he defends his doctoral dissertation and receives the title of professor. In 1950 publishes his monograph “Causalgia”.

– Causalgia – is a complex brain process, – says the Professor. – Limb of a wounded seemingly works fine, but he feels terrible pain, he feels that the limb burns. During World War II, this phenomenon occurred many times, and still it does not give me rest. I thoroughly studied and concluded that the most severe cases of causalgia manifested when we were retreating, and when we were winning, this phenomenon was hardly observed. Thank God that after the Artsakh war, such cases are not registered, which confirms my assumption. I think that in the Azerbaijani army there are many cases of causalgia.

During the Artsakh war in the hospital “St. Gregory the Illuminator” 50 beds have been designed for the wounded. If necessary, the professor himself traveled to Artsakh.

Professor is also invited to different parts of the world. 2 years worked in Iraq, where he set up a neurosurgical clinic, at the same time taught at the Baghdad Medical Institute. In the 1960s he was sent to New York, and then – to England. In the University of Northern Rhodesia (Zambia), where there was only a branch of song and dance, the Professor has created a Faculty of Medicine. He was also invited to Iran to operate the daughter of the Shah.

At the end of our conversation, the Professor gave his message to our soldiers: “Dear guys, my children, I wish that no enemy’s shot hurts you, that you serve with pride and return home healthy and stronger.”




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