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FORGE OF FUTURE SOLDIERSInterview with Director of the educational complex in Jermuk Armineh Arsenyan.

– The Armenian army for me is first of all a guarantor of a stable government, a pledge of peace and security. In our educational complex teaching of the subject “Basic military training” is on a strong basis. BMT teacher Colonel R.Margaryan has 24 years of experience in military service. Recently, by the Minister of Defence, he was awarded the medal “Garegin Nzhdeh” for the military-patriotic education.

During the Artsakh war our little town of Jermuk gave 25 victims, half of them – graduates of our school. Today we are proud to remember them: Robert Harutyunyan, Artashes Artashesyan, Rubik Harutyunyan, Arthur Tadevosyan and others.

About 30 years I have been working in this complex, 13 of them – as a director. Recently, we have become one of the 6 educational complexes of the country. We have 370 students, 36 teachers, seven of them have the degree of I category. Since 2010 we carry out an inclusive education system, there is also retraining of teachers of different schools of the district in our complex.

Two times as a director, I was awarded the diplomas of gratitude of the RA President, in 2009 – Gold Medal of the Minister of Education, in 2010 – the certificate of honor of the Catholicos of All Armenians, twice elected as a member of the elders of the city Jermuk.

Today in the Armenian army there are 23 former graduates of our complex. Of these, Edgar and Arshavir Sargsyan, Arman Galustyan, Aram Barseghyan, etc. were awarded honorary diplomas and appreciation.

As the mother of a former soldier, as an Armenian woman and as a teacher I wish our soldiers force, a high degree of awareness and, of course, security and good returns. Let the Armenian mother only with tears of joy greets and escorts her sons.



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