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ZORIK GEVORGYAN: THE LONE WOLFOn January 29, Zorik would have turned 27 years old.

On the night of 2 August, 2014, when trying to suspend reconnaissance-sabotage penetration of the enemy in the direction of Martakert, Senior Lieutenant Zorik Gevorgyan was killed. In an unequal battle Zorik got two wounds, and the third wound was fatal to the young officer.

His father Zhirayr says that the son was accustomed to military life, and therefore chose this profession, and mother Hermineh recalls that she was unhappy with his decision to go to the Military Institute after V.Sargsyan, but the son said: “A man is not a man if he goes on smooth road, you have to make your way on your own.”

Since school years Zorik wrote poetry, and always the first to read them was his sister Ani. On the wall – a collection of knives and weapons. On one butt we see engraved moon and wolf.

Zorik’s nickname was “Lone Wolf”.

– My Zorik loved wolves, he used to say – it is the only animal that is not trained in the circus, – recalls his mother, – and “lonely” because on reconnaisance he mostly went alone.

Senior Lieutenant posthumously is given the rank of Captain. He was awarded the Order of “Battle Cross” 2nd degree and medal “For courage”.

On the name of Captain Zorik Gevorgyan is called the College of Vanadzor State University, one of the units of the educational complex “Little Mher”, Intelligence Department of the Military Institute.



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