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NECESSARY AND USEFUL MEETINGThe proximity of literature and army is dictated by life and has its reasons. What is literature? – The movement of the soul. What is the army? – The force that protects the homeland from the enemy. Does strength need the presence of the soul? – Sure.

One right song, a touching poem can awaken in the soldier the sleeping force. Today, when talking about the construction of the army, its strengthening and development, we must also bear in mind the rich essence of the military, which is possible through introduction to literature and the arts.

1st Deputy Minister D.Tonoyan highly evaluated the connection of the Army with the Armenian Writers’ Union. In 2015 under the auspices of the Ministry of Defense competition was held, and 28 writers (in the genres of prose, poetry, journalism) were awarded prizes. The writers also visited the army, conducted speech, presented with books. This tradition will continue also this year.

The meeting was useful: for us, writers to some extent became visible the degree of army’s arms, its ability to counter the enemy. A desire was expressed to continue meetings with the senior leadership of the Army.

Congratulations on the holiday and wish our officers, soldiers and generals a peaceful country, victory and good service!


Ghukas Sirunyan


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