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Final exams proceed in the military unit.

Deputy commander on work with the personnel Hakob Gevorgyan said that they constantly organize interesting events, quizzes, literary evenings, exhibitions of the soldiers, performances of a group of amateurs, every month the contest of wall newspapers is announced.

The head of the club Major Arman Adamyan says that broadcasting center operates, non-fiction programs are aired, artistic groups are also invited. The students of the schools which are attached to the military unit also visit the unit, and the military conduct “lessons of courage” in the schools.

Librarian Silva Galstyan says that the soldiers generally take artistic, historical books. The library also is replenished by donations. By the Chief of the club, the librarian and deputy commander on work with staff newspaper “Volley” is published.

The meical point is equipped with the necessary material and technical means, there is ECG room, dental office, procedural, pharmacy, wards. As the head of the medical center Hasmik Mushegyan says, all recruits who have arrived in a military unit, are subject to mandatory medical examination. In the dining room the quality and purity of food is controlled.

Head of Food Service, Major Arthur Asatryan assured that the food is quite improved, the menu varied, to enhance the body’s resistance in winter portion of the onion and garlic in the food is added.

In the military unit the exams are over. After them, the students will join the junior commanders of our army.

Peace service to all the soldiers of the motherland!


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